Better cartoon style graphics and few more trainging program!
Create your bodybuilder and go to the GYM, to be the biggest on the beach!

Lets try the one of the best bodybuilding game!

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Choose the skin color, eyes, hair and hair color at the start.
To reach perfect muscle, have to do the following excercises - combines bodybuilding, fitness workouts - in the new generation gym.

Every workout, impact other muscle.
Choose from 9 different bodybuilding and fitness workout in the gym! 

Fitness workout trainings:

  • Running,
  • Bicycle: for the best muscle shape, and six pack abs. 

    Bodybuilding workout training:
  • Chest: To look like a superhero.
  • Biceps: To have the greatest arm on the beach.
  • Scott bench: for bigger biceps.
  • Abdominals: Abs workout! six pack abs gym
  • Squat, calf: never skip leg day.

  • Barber shop: More than 15 hair and facial hair style in 14 colours. This is not relevant for fitness workouts
  • Dress shop: Tops, pants and shoes in clothes store
  • Tattoo Studio: If reach level 3 go to tattoo studio!
  • Restaurant: If the character tired, need some energy to bodybuilding. Choose the best food for energy and go to the gym again!
  • Sleep: or can sleep at home. If slept enought, get a notification to phone.
  • Working: need money on the game! If go to workplace, get a notification to your phone.
  • Supplement: Use supplements to grow faster. like protein, fat burner, creatine and other stuffs for use biger weights, faster grow, and for nice exercises and fitness trainings
  • Gym: muscle training.

Iron muscle now have girls! Every place you can flirt with girls, with funny conversations! Every success flirt is 100$ extra money!

  • Francesca, at the barber shop
  • Samantha, the boss
  • Candy, the waitress at the restaurant
  • Kimberly, in dress shop
  • Heather, at the gym
  • Taylor, buy supplements
  • Roxanne the tatto studio girl

    Be the first in the bodybuilding workout leaderboard! (one rep 1 XP)

    Let's play with IRON MUSCLE 2 ( fitness, bodybuilding )

    Fitness is Skill, Not a Talent.